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CPTu & In-situ Testing

In-situ testing CPTu

In-situ Testing

Terra Monitoring has been at the forefront of in-situ testing and geotechnical instrumentation for the civils and mining industry since 1980. It has consistently and progressively expanded its Geotechnical Instrumentation and In-situ testing equipment portfolio by associating with world-leading manufacturers, to meet the growing demands of our customers in the market.

In-situ Testing services include: 

  • Permeability tests including Lugeon testing
  • Goodman jack testing
  • Pile testing
  • Plate bearing testing
  • In-situ stress measurements
    • Pressure Meter testing
    • Vibrating Wire Borehole Stress Meter
  • Norwegian hydro fracture
  • Water sampling and pumping in small diameter boreholes
  • Borehole pump tests- large diameter
  • Piezometer installation- standpipe
  • Packers – conventional and wireline in all sizes.

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The cone penetration (CPT) and CPTu which is CPT testing which also gathers piezometer data, are methods used to determine the geotechnical engineering properties of soils and delineating soil stratigraphy.

Our CPT and CPTu equipment can be configured for dynamic penetrometric tests (DP), static penetrometric tests (CPT), or both.

Depending on the soils being examined, the penetrometer can be equipped with different beating systems for the dynamic tests. It is also able to take adjusted or limited trouble samples which enable a better interpretation of the measurements.

The benefits of the Geomechanics CPTu equipment over standard CPT equipment is its ability to core through any hard layers at which other equipment would reach its refusal point. On reaching a hard layer, the CPTu head is pulled out, switched for a rotary core drill and the hard layer is drilled and cased. After coring through the hard layer, the head is switched back again, and the same equipment continues with the testing.

CPTu Equipment:

  • Pagani CPTu TG73-200
  • Pagani CPTu TG63-150


Paarl CPTu & In-situ Testing

Road Interchange, Paarl

CPTu testing for a road interchange in the Paarl area. The project entailed 12 CPTu’s, with augering through the hard layers, to a total depth of 20m.

Khanyisa Power Station

Khanyisa Power Station

The Apageo Pressure Meter test and other In-Situ tests were done to determine the soil characteristics to be used for assessment of excavation methods and for detailed design of foundations, ground improvement and earthworks.

Fufu Hydropower Project, Malawi

Fufu Hydropower Project, Malawi

The Ministry of Energy and Natural resources of Malawi commissioned Geomechanics to undertake a geotechnical survey of two potential locations for hydroelectric power stations, one in the north and one in the south of Malawi.

CPTu testing to establish the profile of mine's orebodies

Geomech Africa was recently contracted to help Tronox Fairbreeze mine establish certain geotechnical properties of their orebodies as a basis for future mine expansion.