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Maintenance of Monitoring Equipment

In March of 2022, the Terra Monitoring team set out to conduct annual maintenance of the settlement cells and seepage weirs in Eswatini at the well-known Maguga Dam. A Settlement Cell is a device installed in embarkments, fills and foundation soil to monitor settlement which determines the stability of a structure at an installation point. A settlement cell consists of three co ...

April 2022 | Newsletter

Welcome to this edition of the GeoGroup newsletter. In this issue, we look at: Maintenance on Monitoring Equipment Female Supervision in Uganda Earth Day 2022 - Trees For Our Community To read the full newsletter ...

The New Titan TG-150 CPTu Rig

With control and mobility in mind, the Titan TG-150 was specifically designed for reinforced testing. Mounted to a Mercedes Axor, this customisation allows the truck to act as a counterweight that prevents the rig from lifting mid-test and provides the reaction force needed to offset the 190kN of thrust applied while advancing the CPTu probe and rods at a constant 2cm per secon ...

About Sonic Drilling & Its Benefits

The Sonic rig bores 2-3 times faster (depending on soil conditions) without using any drilling mud and is able to provide continuous core samples to depths of more than 100 meters. As a result, sonic drilling can be employed in many applications including geotechnical and geothermal projects, environmental investigations and mineral exploration.

Sonic drilling can be employe...

March 2022 | Newsletter

Welcome to this edition of the GeoGroup newsletter. 

In this issue, we look at:
  1. Sonic Drilling and its Benefits
  2. We welcome the Titan TG-150 CPTu rig
  3. World Water Day 2022

Systems for Success

We are very excited to announce that Terra Monitoring has renewed its exclusive distribution partnership with Geosense for the supply of Geosense products to countries in Southern Africa. The following countries we supply to are: ...

Let's Talk About CPTu

CPT & CPTu Cone penetration testing or CPT is an in-situ ground investigation technique. First developed in the 1930s as a mechanical device, the aim of this device was to determine the soil stratigraphy. The mechanical device was replaced with an electrical probe in the 1960s allowing the user to continuously measure the soil properties. Since the 1970s, many useful additi ...

Piezometer Installations in South Africa

In late 2021, the Geomech Africa team was assigned the task of installing piezometers at two mine sites in the northern provinces in South Africa. The aim of the project was to install 83 standpipe piezometers at new and existing locations. The client needed these piezometers installed, in order for the engineers to gather important water level data for analysing the tailings d ...

GeoGroup Newsletter | February 2022

Welcome to this jam-packed edition of the GeoGroup newsletter. 

In this issue, we look at:
  1. Piezometer Installations by the Geomech Africa team;
  2. The inns and outs of CPT testing;
  3. "Systems for Success" - Supplying and installing Geosense products to Southern Africa.

Training The Crew

This year we started off with scheduled training sessions to prepare the crews for some of the upcoming projects. Here are some of the training topics that were covered: First Aid Training Basic Health and Safety Training Supervisor Training Basic Fire Fighting Training Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Training At the GeoGroup, we are always committed ...