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GEOPILE AFRICA (PTY) Ltd was registered in 2004 as a special foundations and piling contractor. TRM manufactures the patented plug & drive ductile piling system at its facilities in Austria.  Geopile Africa enjoys technical support from TRM including access to their 30-year-old project technical database.

Geopile Africa started its first piling projects in 2012.

Geopile Africa provides piling solutions that are simpler, faster and safer.


  • Fast installation (up to 400 m/day)
  • Adjustable pile length (up to 50 m)
  • Simple patented “Plug & Drive” joint system
  • Little preparation of working platforms
  • Virtually no vibration
  • No spoil and no waste
  • Safe working loads up to 1400 kN
  • Use of light and standard equipment
  • Driving open-ended piles is possible, generating friction on both outside & inside of pile & ideal for penetration
  • Pile head trimming process included
  • Environmentally friendly (piles made from 100% recycled materials)

In order to confirm the viability of the Austrian piling system in Africa, Geopile Africa worked with the University of Pretoria to conduct dynamic and static tests on the system. Download the results as printed in the SAICE magazine April 2012. 


GEOPILE has a very well trained and experienced operational team that focuses on TRM ductile piling works. In addition we have highly experienced top management and technical/design staff. Our values include achieving the highest standards in safety, professionalism, quality, speed and satisfying our customers in all respects.

We always feel exceptionally proud when we are named #1 company on site for achieving exceptional safety standards.



Further information about the TRM ductile piling system is provided in the following brochures:

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