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Renewable Energy Power Generation in South Africa

The South African Government in its Integrated Resource Plan (2010-2030). has committed to providing 42% of all new ­electricity capacity from renewable energy projects.

This equates to approximately a total of 17,800MW from required from Renewable Energy sources ie Photovoltaic, Concentrated Solar Power and wind. A proportion of which will be supplied through the participation of independent power producers (IPPs).

  • South Africa has among the highest solar irradiance levels in the world
  • 2010 South Africa IRP identified the need for 17 GW of renewables by 2030
  • In Aug 2011 the DOE released the Renewable IPP Programme. Of the 17,800MW of energy required from renewable energy sources 1 450 MW is set aside for Solar Phtovoltaic projects and 1 850 MW for wind projects.
  • DOE selects “preferred bidders” after competitive solicitation and underwrites PPAs with Eskom

The Terra group of companies was founded, to supply South Africa and the rest of Africa with renewable & sustainable power sources generated by Mother Nature.

The group is a leader in the wind power and solar power sectors sitting on the SAWEA and the eReact Committees.  Terra Power Solutions is very involved in drafting the Power Purchase Agreements and lobbying NERSA to maintain a Feed-in Tariff rate which would make wind power generation viable. Terra Power Solutions also provides a comprehensive suite of wind power engineering services ranging from wind and solar resource assessments to civil and electrical design and complete project construction management.

The collection of reliable wind resources data needed to make a professional unbiased assessment of a potential site requires an expert understanding of historic wind data, viability, wind mapping and its analysis.

Terra Power Solutions understands the importance of establishing a quality record and projection of energy as a basis for financial analysis and the ability to use this information in discussions with project financiers.

Terra Power Solutions currently has 7 Wind Facilities accepted or ready for submission in the IPPPP Procurement Program representing just over 249MW.


South Africa Wind Energy Association


Renewable Energy Products

.Our wide range of renewable energy products offers suitable, sustainable energy generation & energy storage irrespective of conditions.  Save on your long-term energy costs by contacting Terra Power Solutions. We will guide you through suitable renewable energy products that compliment your unique circumstances. Terra Power Solutions stocks & supplies the following renewable energy products

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Photovoltaic Solar Panels are one of the most popular sources of renewable energy products in the market with South Africa having one of the highest solar concentrations worldwide.

These renewable energy products use the sun to generate electricity. DC (direct current) electricity converted into AC (alternating current) by an inverter which is usually installed with the solar panel.

Solar Thermal Systems

With rising energy prices, there has never been a better time to consider a solar thermal system as alternative renewable energy products for your home or business. Solar thermal technology allows solar energy to heat water, lowering or eliminating your electric water heating expenses.

Wind Turbines

We have wind turbines available for almost any application, from 1kw marine-grade wind turbines for coastal, ocean-going usage, to renewable energy products for the average home & large 3MW units used for electricity production in commercial wind farms.

Water Turbines

When there is the possibility of harvesting running water from a river or if you own a yacht, small water turbines (micro-hydro turbines) are the most reliable renewable energy products available. A relatively small water turbine will produce ongoing power as long as running water is available.

Residential Power Systems

We have a "starter power kit" that includes all the basics ideal for a small home power system. These renewable energy products are scalable, upgradeable, easy to install and user friendly. We have the expertise in house if advice is required.

Integrated Power Systems

Our integrated renewable energy products integrate solar, wind and backup generator power/storage into a single, self-contained unit. These integrated power systems offer reliability, ease of use and efficiency in any weather.

Charge Controllers

Whether you need a simple solar controller for a single solar array, a high-capacity load-diverting controller for your wind or water turbine, or want a single control that will monitor and regulate everything in one unit, we design the system to meet whatever the need is.

Power Inverters

Storage batteries used in alternative energy systems store DC power. Most modern appliances operate on AC power. DC to AC power inverters allow you to enjoy the convenience of AC power while using renewable energy products from the GeoPower Africa range.

Power Storage Batteries

Power storage batteries are essential to compliment renewable energy products. Renewable energy sources don't always produce power exactly when you need it as they can be intermittent and weather dependant. An appropriately-sized storage battery bank will collect power when your system is producing more than you need, so you have electricity available at all times.

Water Pumps

Water pumps are widely used in marine applications, where the electrical system is powered by a deep cycle battery bank. The batteries are charged by either a solar or wind system or a combination of both. Alternating renewable energy products in this range can be used pools & boreholes if the necessary inverter is installed.

For more on the renewable energy products please visit here.