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Geomechanics Sonic DrillingGeomechanics 25 yearsGeomechanics is very excited to be able to add Sonic Drilling technology and expertise to its growing fleet. Geomechanics and Geomech Africa now offer Sonic Drilling in Southern Africa


(view a video of the sonic SDC450 in action)

This rig bores 3-5 times faster (depending on soil conditions) without using any drilling mud and is able to provide continuous core samples to depths of more than 100 meters.  As a result,  sonic drilling can be employed in many applications including geo-technical and geothermal projects, environmental investigations and mineral exploration.

The Sonic Drill Corporation’s patented sonic drill head works by sending high frequency resonant vibrations down the drill string to the drill bit, while the operator controls these frequencies to suit the specific conditions of the soil/rock geology. Resonance magnifies the amplitude of the drill bit, which fluidizes the soil particles at the bit face, allowing for fast and easy penetration through most geological formations.  An internal air spring isolates these vibrational forces from the rest of the drill rig.  By providing the necessary rotational and vibrational forces, the sonic rig is able to core and case holes in any overburden material, drilling where most other rigs can't.


POWER SOURCE: Caterpillar C7, 6 CYL, 7.2L, Turbocharged, 250HP @ 1800 RPM, Tier 4 “Flex”, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, 24VDC

RIG DECK: (4) 4” x 24.5” Jacklegs w/ Counter Balance Valve, (4) Jackleg Covers, Formed & Reinforced Deck Skin, Tubular & Channel Framework, Anti-Slip Surface

DRILLING MAST: Single Tube Construction, 15 FT Head Travel, Hydraulic Cylinder/Chain Driven System, Fully Enclosed, Pullback 22,260 LBS, Pulldown: 12,369 LBS, Max Casing Length 10 FT

JIB HOIST (OPTION) : Main Hoisting Winch, Top Mount, 4,000 LBS Capacity (Bare Drum), 72 FPM

WATER PUMP (OPTION): FMC W1122 BCD, 37 GPM, 1,000 PSI (Other pump sizes available)

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Triple mount pump drive, 6 variable displcment pumps, pressure and flow controlled

SONIC HEAD: Model Sonicor 50K, Hydraulic 60 Degree Tilting Cylinder; Upgraded Water Swivel

HOSE CARRIER SYSTEM: High Pressure Hydraulic Tubing

CONTROL CONSOLE / SWING ARM: Compact Lightweight Configuration, Ergonomic Configuration, Key Start, Remote Throttle, Digital Tachometer, Pilot Control Valves, Electro Mechanical Valves

CRAWLER BASE: Rubber Tracks, Wireless Radio Transmitter

BREAKOUT TABLE: BTC-28 Open C-Clamp Table, Clamping Range: 2.5 to 8.625 inch nominal c/w hinge

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