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Sonic Rig new in South Africa

Available Geotechnical Drilling Machinery

Geomechanics 25 yearsGeomechanics offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Geotechnical investigations, including Foundation and Quarry site investigations.
  • In-situ borehole drilling and testing, including SPT’s, Lugeon testing, Vane shear testing, Permeability testing, Piezometer installations, pressure meter testing etc.
  • Tailings Dam Safety Monitoring, Gold Assay and De-watering in failure zones.
  • Penetrometer (DPSH) services.
  • Concrete coring.
  • Plate load testing.

Our Geotechnical Drilling Machinery comprising of 60 machines in the field include:

Geomechanics Rigs 2013

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