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Geotechnical Investigations from GeomechanicsGeomechanics 25 years

Geomechanics (Pty) Ltd. is industry leader in world-class geotechnical investigations in Southern Africa. We have over 25 years’ experience carrying out successful geotechnical investigations to the minerals exploration, geotechnical drilling & civil industries.

Its sister company, Geomech Africa (Pty) Ltd, started in 2006, has a level 2 B-BBEE rating and is registered with the CIDB (6CE rating). As a group (Geomech Africa (Pty) Ltd and Geomechanics (Pty) Ltd, we employ over 200 people with access to 80 drill rigs. We satisfy the general SED requirements with respect to female participation (5 office based) and senior to middle management black employees.

Geomechanics and Geomech Africa long-term policies of developing operational/maintenance staff & upgrading equipment ensures that the geotechnical investigations conducted for our clients are accurate, timely, cost-effective & easily interpreted.

Geomechanics offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Geotechnical investigations, including Foundation Solutions and Quarry site investigations.
  • In-situ borehole drilling and testing, including SPT’s, Lugeon testing, Vane shear testing,      Permeability testing, Piezometer installations, pressure meter testing.
  • Tailings Dam Safety Monitoring, Gold Assay and De-watering in failure zones.
  • Penetrometer (DPSH) services.
  • Concrete coring.
  • Plate load testing.

View or download our geotechnical investigations brochure here.

The Samson Sebanda Drilling School

Our pursuit for continued excellence in geotechnical investigations & commitment to supporting local communities led to the foundation of Samson Sebanda Drilling School. The Samson Sebanda Drilling School
 that all potential employees, trainees & current staff are 100% skilled in the safe operation of exploration drilling rigs under all conditions of operation. The school consists of a 12 -seater classroom with a curriculum that caters for subject matter related to geotechnical investigations. Our geotechnical investigation courses include: theoretical work, practical training & work experience training onsite.

Samson Sibanda Drilling School

Code of Ethics

At the GEOGROUP of companies we are committed to sustainable development. Health, safety and environmental responsibilities are integral to the way we do business. We commit to continual improvement in our performance, efficient use of natural resources and aspire to zero harm to people and the environment.

Wherever we operate we will:

Develop, implement and maintain management systems for health, safety and the environment that are consistent with internationally recognised standards which enable us to:

  • Identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors and the environment.
  • Strive to achieve leading industry practice.
  • Meet and exceed applicable legal requirements.
  • Set and achieve targets that include reducing and preventing pollution.
  • Develop our people and provide resources to meet our targets.
  • Support the fundamental human rights of employees and contractors.
  • Respect the traditional rights of indigenous peoples.
  • Care for the environment and value cultural heritage.
  • Advise on the responsible use of our service.

Seek opportunities to share our success by:

  • Developing partnerships that focus on creating sustainable value for everyone
  • Building relationships based on honesty, openness, mutual trust and involvement, and share responsibility for meeting the requirements of this policy.
  • We will be successful when we achieve our targets toward our goal of zero harm and are valued by the communities in which we work.