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GeoSolar, a privately owned company, was formed with the aim of developing Solar Energy Facilities in South Africa.

Technological advances and high fuel costs have made wind and solar power attractive and it is expected to be a rapidly growing form of power generation in South Africa in the short term. GeoSolar is a leader in the solar power sector sitting on the eReact Committee.  GeoSolar is very involved in drafting the Power Purchase Agreements and lobbying NERSA to maintain a Feed-in Tariff rate which would make wind power generation viable. Together with partner Terra Renewables, GeoSolar provides a comprehensive suite of power engineering services ranging from wind and solar resource assessments to civil and electrical design and complete project construction management.

GeoSolar understands the importance of establishing a quality record and projection of energy as a basis for financial analysis and the ability to use this information in discussions with project financiers.

GeoSolar currently has 6 Solar Facilities ready for submission in the 3rd round of the IPPPP Procurement Program, with another 400MW in feasibility and pre-feasibility development.

Renewable Energy Power Generation in South Africa

The South African Government in its Integrated Resource Plan (2010-2030). has committed to providing 42% of all new ­electricity capacity from renewable energy projects.

This equates to approximately a total of 17,800MW from required from Renewable Energy sources ie Photovoltaic, Concentrated Solar Power and wind. A proportion of which will be supplied through the participation of independent power producers (IPPs).

  • South Africa has among the highest solar irradiance levels in the world
  • 2010 South Africa IRP identified the need for 17 GW of renewables by 2030
  • In Aug 2011 the DOE released the Renewable IPP Programme. Of the 17,800MW of energy required from renewable energy sources 1 450 MW is set aside for Solar Phtovoltaic projects and 1 850 MW for wind projects.
  • DOE selects “preferred bidders” after competitive solicitation and underwrites PPAs with Eskom
Analysis of MW allocation