Exploration Drilling

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Sonic Rig new in South Africa

Geomechanics 25 yearsWhat is Exploration Drilling?

Exploration drilling is used in the mineral mining industry to probe the contents of known ore deposits or to explore sites for potential geological/commercial value. Exploration drilling allows geologists to extract and examine sample ore profiles at the surface with reduced environmental impact & lower costs as opposed to alternative methods of exploration ore extraction. 

Exploration Drilling Excellence

Geomechanics, a subsidiary of Geogroup, was conceived by Dave Rossiter in 1989 to service the geotechnical investigation and testing market. Over a decade later, Geomechanics commenced the gradual undertaking of branching out into exploration drilling and today, through our continued policy of training staff and investing in industry-leading exploration drilling equipment Geomechanics is the leaders in its field.


“In the last 10 years the most radical changes have been diversification into different forms of drilling and different types of machinery which, in turn, provide services for different requirements related to exploration drilling and geotechnical work.” says Rossiter.

Code of Ethics

  • We endeavour to complete projects within specification, on-time & within budget irrespective of difficulties during the process.
  • We appreciate the importance of local community consultancy & support.
  • Plans & operations are carried out in a sustainable way.
  • Geomechanics staff will be trained to operate exploration drilling machinery safely and efficiently.
  • We abide by the laws, rules, or processes in which our business operates with integrity at the core of every undertaking.