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Trench shoringUplift control
Strengthening of foundations 


Foundations for buildings on gap sites: the manoeuvrable equipment and short completion times are a big advantage on inner-city sites. The use of pile caps of the same width as the walls means considerable savings on foundation concrete.

Industrial Buildings

Foundations for prefabricated buildings: loads can be carried safely by piles grouped to support small pocket foundations.  Highly suitable for lightweight structures with their sensitivity to settlement and especially to differential settlement. Wind loads and loads from the supporting structure are transmitted safely into the ground.

Bridge Building

Foundations for bridge abutments: sites are quick and easy to change over for pile driving. Moments are transmitted by pile bents and horizontal forces by raking piles.

Pile-supported pipelines

Foundations for pipelines: can be used in sewer and water pipeline laying to prevent unacceptable settlement in soils of low bearing capacity. 

Slope stabilisation

Stabilisation against slippage of slopes, embankments, ground prepared for ski runs, and so on. To provide stability, piles can be installed in vertical to near-horizontal positions to accompany construction work or as an urgent remedial measure.

Silo Foundations

Foundations for silos, tower cranes, power line pylons and radio masts: foundations are stressed in compression and tension. Structures of considerable height subject to cyclic wind loads are founded on pile bents with additional tensile reinforcement.

Trench shoring

To create a retaining wall in the area of an adjacent existing building. The piles are held in the soil of good bearing capacity at a point below the floor of the trench and at the head end they are connected to an anchored belt of reinforced concrete.

Uplift control

Foundations for sedimentation tanks, road underpasses and construction trenches at depths within the range of variation of the water table. The concrete floor is safeguarded against floating up by additional tensile reinforcement set into the concrete.

Strengthening of foundations

Strengthening and underpinning of existing structures: inside industrial and other buildings where the working height is limited, old foundations are strengthened or new foundations are laid retrospectively to carry additional loads or for underpinning


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