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Manual Generator Control Panels

Automatic Generator Control

Manual Generator Control PanelsManual Control Panel

COELMO® Manual Control Panels are designed and manufactured with an integrated command system to avoid breakdowns caused by a lack of maintenance and in particular, low oil and high engine temperature.

The manual control panels are manufactured from epoxy powder coated (IP30 protection grade), zinc plated steel and are protected from vibration by isolating blocks.

A magneto-thermal 3 pole circuit breaker (4 pole on request) guarantees the electrical protection of the COELMO Generating Set.

Upon request, a wide range of accessories can be applied to the Manual Control panel according to the end user’s needs.

M1M1 - 8Electromechanical
M1T1- 13Electromechanical
M214 - 80GIOTTO
M381 - 200GIOTTO

Automatic Generator Control

COELMO Automatic Control Panels facilitate the automatic change over from Eskom supply to generator power supply within a few seconds from the power failure. When Eskom power resumes the Automatic Control Panels will facilitate the changeover back from generator power supply to Eskom power supply.

Functions of the Automatic Control Panel:

  • Facilitates automatic startup of the Generating Sets during mains failure within pre-determined parameters.
  • Facilitates generated power supply into the supply network as soon as the pre-scribed parameters are reached.
  • The automatic control panel monitors the engine and alternator parameters through special protections.
  • Automatic changeover from Generating set to mains once mains current parameters have been reached.
  • Facilitates a period of time for the current to stabilize.
  • Facilitates a programmed shutdown period for the Generating set engine to cool down gradually.
  • Controls service intervals.
  • Controls alternator current for battery charging and supply to the Automatic Control Panel.

An optional mechanical changeover switch is manufactured with a current rating of up to 250 Amps. An automatic changeover switch (optional) is available to handle current greater than 250 Amps.

A13 - 62LEXIS
A263 - 172LEXIS
A3173 - 436LEXIS PRO
A4437 - 866LEXIS PRO
A5867 - 1247LEXIS PRO
A61248 - 2217LEXIS PRO
A72218 - 2271LEXIS PRO