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Diesel generators For Sale

GeoPower Africa is a supplier of diesel generators, diesel generator sets, diesel generator canopies & control systems, all for for sale. Our broad range of diesel generators satisfies a wide range of energy generation requirements, large or small.

Loading GeoPower Africa generator for deliveryGeoPower Africa, a subsidiary of the GeoGroup, is proud to be the sales agent for:

  • Iveco Diesel Generators
  • Deutz Diesel Generators
  • Perkins Diesel Generators
  • Coelmo Diesel Generators

Generator capacities range from 20.3kVA to 300kVA.

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Alternative Power Sources

Diesel generators are used in situations where a location is without connection to the power grid or when emergency power-supply is required when the power grid fails. Small portable diesel generators range from about 1kVA to 10kVA, while the larger industrial generators can range from 8kVA - 30kVA for homes, small shops & offices. Up to 2000kVA may be necessary for large office complexes, factories and localised power stations.

Our Product Range

Generator Sets

Generator sets are systems for the production of electric energy & consist of a synchronous generator (alternator) moved by an internal combustion engine.

Diesel Generator Canopies

A diesel generator canopy is a self-supported structure, manufactured in galvanised steel with reinforced steel ribbing for extra strength. Before being accurately covered in two layers of epoxy resin, the canopy is subject to an anti-corrosive treatment and lined with sound/fire proof panels.

Generator Control Panels

COELMO® manual generator control panels are designed and manufactured with an integrated command system to avoid breakdowns caused by a lack of maintenance and in particular, low oil and high engine temperature.

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Our Commitment

GeoPower Africa will ensure our clients requirements are met and fulfilled at all times. Our experience will allow us to tailor a diesel generator solution that will suit your requirements & budget. If you have any queries or comments please feel free to contact us.