CPTU Seismic

Geomechanics is able to deliver static and/or dynamic tests using the Pagani TG73-200 penetrometer
Geomechanics TG73-200The TG73-200 penetrometer  can be configured by request for dynamic penetrometric tests (DP), static penetrometric tests (CPT), or both.

Depending on the soils being examined, the penetrometer can be equipped with different beating systems (Super heavy DPSH, Heavy – DPH or Medium – DPM) for the dynamic tests. It is also able to take adjusted or limited trouble samples which enable a better interpretation of the measurements.

Benefits of the TG73-200:

  • Very high power efficiency (78%).
  • Vertical positioning is guaranteed during penetration of the rods and of any further casing tube.
  • It reduces test time because rods and casing tubes can be pushed simultaneously.
  • Positioning time and negative forces on the frame are drastically reduced because of an anchoring system that uses two telescopic augers fastened to the mast.
  • It has hydraulic powered tracks that can manage even tilted surfaces
  • It has three hydraulic stabilizers and an adjustable mast ensuring easy, perfect, vertical positioning.
  • It is a highly flexible machine, which requires only one person to operate.
  • Static penetrometric tests can be performed with a mechanical cone and manual acquisition (CPT), which represent the standard configuration, or by means of different cones (optional) such as the piezocone (CPTU) or the seismic piezocone (S-CPTU) which allow a more reliable stratigraphic identification and the determination of the shear wave speed profile (Vs).
  • The static/dynamic mode allows the achievement of information along vertical lines made up of soils with different mechanical characteristics (from very soft to very hard and compact soil). Going beyond very hard layers is possible thanks to a rotary head (optional) which enables the drilling of pre-holes.