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The pile material is factory quality centrifugally-cast ductile iron, with decades of proven success in all underground applications. TRM’s ductile cast iron material has excellent tenacity, ductility, strength, and corrosion resistance properties.

The individual pipe sections, 5 metres in length and outside diameter of either 118 mm or 170 mm,Plug and Drive system are joined together using an incredibly fast and unique ‘Plug and Drive’ connection system.

The length of each pile can be adapted to the actual ground conditions. The upper most pile section is finally cut with a standard grinder and then fitted with its own driving shoe for use as the first section for the next pile, thereby minimizing waste.

End-bearing piles are filled with concrete/grout after driving creating a continuous load bearing structural member.

Main Advantages of TRM Pile System

  1. Piling programme savings due to extremely fast piling establishment and fast pile installation programme due to fast production and minimal moving and set-up time.
  2. No spoil, no wastage, all pile head trimming included in piling scope of works (no pile head trimming for main contractor).
  3. Less risks - safer working method & safer equipment, less labour intensive; AND pile depths extremely flexible to suit ground conditions therefore less risk of failure to reach depth of competent founding material.
  4. High load carrying capacity by reduced size pile and materials - installation verified over 30 years of experience.
  5. Low vibrations & small soil displacement enables pile installation adjacent to existing buildings.
  6. Additional programme and cost savings – no substantial piling platform has to be prepared prior to piling works ; AND substructure may proceed immediately after piling works are completed.
  7. 100 years service life, shock and anti-corrosion resistant.
  8. High quality factory standard materials, 100% recycled.
  9. Overall project cost and time savings.


Further information about the TRM ductile piling system is provided in the following brochures:

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